Buy and Sell - play the game

We know that everyone wants that perfect home, but there's many paths to go down to get there. So here are a few places to look where you can gain some inspiration of what you may like to do! Whether it's flipping properties or finding an up-coming area to live while you work to save for your dream home, we hope these sites and blogs help you on your way!

Property Flipping


Seems simple, but it takes a little more than just buying and selling to reap a profit. Below are a few links to blogs that will inspire, help you plan and bring a reality check before you dive in to the wonderful world of property flipping.

First Home Buyers


We all have to start somewhere, and this is often the place to do it. With a government ready to give you a boost up as you begin your adventure into property, we'll do all we can to make it stress free, simple and fun as you walk through the front door of your first home.

Short and Long term Investments


New areas are constantly being developed, and old areas refurbished as houses become apartments, and farmlands become new suburbs. Perhaps you have some extra money or just see a glimmering opportunity in an up-n-coming suburb. We'll help you assess the risk, get the financing and see your return.

Links to a few of our favourite sites: